1. Deb Alder

    Good morning, Lisa!
    I think your six year old self would be amazed at who you are and all the things that are different than she would have planned and expected! While we all have need for a little more spontaneity and creativity in our lives, (especially when being an adult sucks!), I think the fact that you wonder about this and ask this question is proof that she’d find you amazing!

    I am lucky enough to have a best friend who has never not known me. She was born 1 year and 17 days after me and we were bff’s long before the internet! As she recently turned 60, we had a great chance to enjoy a glass of wine and reflect… we decided that getting older allows you to make more choices and lead into activities with a definite decisiveness. We found the lead-in of “now that I’m 60, I don’t ever have to…” has many endings… “I don’t ever have to zip line across an open cavern”, “I don’t have to tolerate mean people”, “I don’t have to eat vegetables that I don’t like”… We also have long lists of things we still need to accomplish — but “now that we’re 60, we don’t have to call it a bucket list because that sounds like we’re dying soon — and we aren’t planning that.”

    My point in telling you all this is that this friend and I continue to find life amazing and often think about all the paths we’ve taken (she once lived in a sod hut in Oregon for a year — MUCH braver than I am!) and places that our lives have continued to intersect. I think we both wake up on most days and hope for the best. We both have quick tempers that flash and forgive easily, we both are mamabears when it comes to our children and are lucky enough to have married our best friends (other than each other!)

    Enjoy life — I’m sure your 6-year old self and Lisa Frank would both LOVE today’s outfit! And, I’ll bet you could still ride your bike that way and pogo-stick through the neighborhood.

    Miss you!

    Love, Deb

    • Lisa

      Oh, Deb. Thanks for this sweet comment. I appreciate your wisdom and encouragement. 🙂

      We should plan a way to see each other soon.



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