1. Don Dickmeyer

    Congrats on your ew endeavor, Lisa. My dog would love to catch a rabbit—maybe I should outfit him with those Rabbit togs?

  2. RH

    This is incredibly awesome news. Congrats! Would your “not as toned as she once was and only gets out for a couple of runs a week” friend feel comfortable wearing one of these sleek ensembles?

    • Lisa

      Yes, definitely! These clothes are also good for chasing after babies/toddlers. I get a nice discount, so if you want to order something, talk to me;)

  3. Kim Hassett

    Oh Lisa this is such a sweet side benifit to your years of living the Dream. I am so happy for you and your offer. You are a perfect choice for a running apparel company.
    You Rock!
    Rabbit. Awesome name:)
    Makes me want to be a runner.

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